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Batch processes

Flexibility is King


A discontinued production of goods allows for the production of industrial plants in a highly flexible and inexpensive manner. Whether in a wholesale bakery, at the chemical and construction material plants, or even in complex batchwise processes, the user can individually design the chosen process with a batch system. The enormous flexibility and the reduction of the time-to-market periods create a competitive advantage that makes itself clearly noticeable in times of shorter and shorter product lifecycles.

The tried, proven and worldwide implemented batch system from Schäftlmaier is an excellent solution for such applications. Equipped with a multilingual, graphic user surface, the software offers a maximum in user comfort. A set-up as a server-client application with a role-based user and rights management enables the formula creation on an engineering station separate from the production system. The total package is rounded out with an integrated recipe management and a charge-based recording of the individual steps in an SQL database.


  • Language switchover
  • Recipe management
  • Graphic user surfaces
  • Server-client application
  • Role-based user and rights management
  • Charge-based recording in SQL database