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Oil and Gas Industry

We secure energy supply

As a long-standing partner of German energy producers and utilities such as Uniper, EGS, Megal, and Open Grid Europe, we offer electrotechnical services for natural gas transport, storage, and distribution.

Our range of services here includes automation and control technology as well as the appropriate process measurement technology. In the field of electrical engineering, we supply low-voltage main distribution boards, low-voltage switchgear, backup power supplies and UPS systems. In addition, we realize the plant cabling, building services, potential equalization, and object protection. We also manufacture the process piping for the measuring devices.

Our concepts for the electrotechnical equipment of the stations take into account the high demands on plant availability and safety.


  • Hook-ups
  • Instrumentation
  • NSHV
  • Switchgear construction
  • Plant installation
  • Project management
  • Site management
  • Object protection


  • Natural gas storage
  • Gas conditioning plants
  • Slider stations
  • Gas pressure regulating and metering stations

Reliable unit automation is of enormous importance in the oil & gas industry, in addition to strict regulatory compliance.

We competently support you in all processes in the oil & gas industry. With our reliable applications, you are always in full control, whether it’s transport, distribution or storage of raw materials.

Are you in the oil industry or the gas industry?

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