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Silicon Technology

Hightech for the solar industry


When producing silicon as per the Siemens procedure, highly pure trichlorosilane thermally decomposes when subjected to hydrogen at 1000 to 1200°C and accumulated on heated ultra-pure silicon rods. In close cooperation with a leading supplier of process technology, a lab CVD reactor was developed for this procedure for which we deliver the power electronic and control. This reactor is required for the assurance of a contamination-free process in polysilicon production.

Operating the reactor is possible via our comfortable batch system, which allows the customer to set the process parameter very flexibly. A continual recording of measured values and the recording of the individual batch steps make a complete evaluation of the path of refinement possible.


  • Failsafe control
  • Explosion-protected facility
  • Start-up procedure (worldwide)
  • Accompanying the German TÜV procedure (MOT test)
  • Batch production
  • Continual further development