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Keeping an eye on secure process mastery

ChemieFertilizer, antioxidants, flight-chemical propulsion – as different the products can be, the more complex the demands of our customers are in the Bavarian chemical triangle. Whether explosive, toxic or aggressive mediums, we make use of a wide range application and branch know-how that stretches from the detailed concept creation to the programming of control system to the start-up procedure and roll-out support.

Our highly qualified technicians and engineers are specialists in the areas of batch processes, formula administration, and weighing and dosage technology. In these disciplines, we have made use of our own, multifaceted and worldwide tried and proven software for many years now.

In order to be able to provide our demanding customers the best-possible service, a close cooperation with engineering offices for process engineering was established. For general company orders, we also cover this area and assume the appliance, steel and pipeline engineering.

Interested in chemistry?

Electrical equipment, control panels and software for chemical companies see us as a complete package with decades of experience.