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Qualification and innovation go hand in hand

At Schäftlmaier, we see ourselves as a service-strong and innovative company. For us, it is considered a matter of course to offer the customer a highest measure of quality and dependability in ensuring that customer’s economic success.

A smooth facility operation, competent support and an excellent service ensure customer satisfaction, which is the key to establishing a permanent business relationship based on trust. With this background serving as a foundation, we are very proud to look back on our decade-long partnerships.

We focus on the continual education of our employees in order to meet the continually growing demands of the current day and age. Only an enthusiastic, highly motivated, and qualified team is capable of recognizing the needs of our customers and processing a first-class solution for them.

At Schäftlmaier, tradition, experience and technical knowledge are a combination that has stood the test of time.

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